Kick-off Meeting (March 2018)

The meeting of the European project group will serve to provide information as well as to launch and prepare the measure.
The focus will be on initial information and exchange measures, detailed planning of cooperation (objectives, content, results) and the arrangement of launch activities (information collections, criteria for drawing up national ICT industry profiles, definition of the matrix structure for national Telekom maps). In particular, the event will enable concrete arrangements for the preparation and implementation of the three thematic workshops “Digitisation and Work 4.0” (participation, priorities, participants’ own preparatory work, expert reports, methods, etc.).

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Project-Information Kick-off:

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Digitization. Challenges for the EWC:



Digitalisierung und Innovation in der
Unternehmensgruppe Deutsche Telekom:      

Final Conference (June 2019)

The main focus of the transfer and closing conference will be on the presentation, discussion and evaluation of the key project results and the related conclusions for employee action in the industry and companies. The two central working documents (Trade Union Guidelines “Work 4.0” & EWC Agenda “One Telekom”) will be presented and discussed with company representatives (works councils, trade unions, employers).

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