Work in flux - risks and opportunities for employees

Project topic

The subject of the project work is the strategic examination on the employee side of the labour policy challenges of “digitisation” with a view to a European understanding of “Work 4.0”.

These are analysed and illustrated for the ICT industry, including the example of the effective European changes from Deutsche Telekom's digitisation strategy. This concerns both the employment and qualification policy opportunities arising from these digital technologies of the future and the associated changes for work, qualification and employment at the European locations.


Project interest

Digitisation will massively change the existing forms of value added linked to Europe, the labour market, traditional forms of employment as well as the framework, content and quality of work.
To ensure that the interests of employees are taken into account and included, trade union and company employee representatives must be informed and involved.

This requires in-depth analyses, greater knowledge of the connection between digitisation, innovation, automation and work and related sectoral policy concepts as well as corporate policy practice.